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Glas und Spiegel Weck

Glas & Spiegel Weck


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Glas und Spiegel Weck is one of the most traditional glaziers in Mölheim an der Ruhr and the surrounding area. With almost 130 years of touching history and the handover to the fourth generation at the beginning of the 2000s, the craft company now has an extensive corporate design relaunch and a new, modern market orientation.

Puro Design has implemented an extensive corporate design, web and brand relaunch for Weck. The basis of the new design is the reinterpreted word and design mark and the typical Weck brown. The classic house color has been extended by a brown and other orange tones. The combination of classic icon, modern new in-house font and the new Weck colour world give the craft business a modern and unmistakable brand identity.