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We cover a wide range of services - but we don't do everything either

Core competence is the strategic development and design. We direct the rest!

Good communication requires good leadership and we ensure that for you. We can't do everything by far - but we make sure that the communication and design strategy developed will be optimally implemented.

Performance overview

01. Strategy

Brand analysis
Self-image, external image and market research as the basis of positioning. Where are the strengths, where are the weaknesses? What is the positioning towards your competitor and what is the target group approach?

  • As-is
  • Target group analysis
  • Scouting for competition
Development of the strategic brand substance. Designing the branding system.

  • Brand development
  • Corporate Identity
Vision development
Alignment of the company towards a common brand image, which helps to position the brand clearly on the market.

  • Corporate philosophy
  • Positioning
Naming & claim development
A fundamental part of every brand, every company and every product is the name. We support you in the naming process. When developing the slogan. We develop a slogan that represents your core values in a precise and memorable way. We put things straight.

  • Naming
  • Claiming

02. Design

Corporate Design
Visualization of the holistic appearance of your brand or company. Either a discreet revision is sufficient or we design a complete relaunch together. It is all depending on your unique requirements.

  • Appearance
  • Logodesign
  • Typography
  • Business equipment
Corporate Identity
The essence of a brand or a company is made up of many factors. The corporate design with its logo plays the main role. But the language and culture should also be reflected in the company/product management.

  • Corporate Language
  • Corporate Design
Corporate Language
How you and thus your brand and your company communicate to the outside world makes a decisive contribution to how it is perceived by the target group and your customers. We support you in defining authentic communication, whether casual, formal, colloquial or technical.

  • Wording
  • Text concept

03. Communication

Sometimes you'd rather browze than click digitally. Puro loves beautifully and lovingly designed print products. Haptic and optical always something special and unique. From business card to catalogue.

  • Business equipment
  • Advertising prints
  • Annual reports
Digital & Online
Homepages are the tool if you want to find out about products, services and offers for a long time. The user expects to find all information needed quickly and clearly. We support you on your way to the World Wide Web from conception to design to technical implementation.

  • Website
  • Microsite
  • Landingpage
  • Onlineshop
Yes! We love it. Or to put it another way: our favorite discipline = to pass on messages centrally and communicatively. Ideally, design more than just an eye-catcher - Puro wants to draw attention to your brand, to your product.

  • Social Media Campaign
  • Outdoor advertising (Out-of-Home)
  • Cross-media concepts
Photo & movie
Impressions, moods and values can only be passed on in a non-verbal way. The visual language supports communication to the outside world. From development to planning to implementation - we take care of it.

  • Photography
  • Video
  • Imagefilm
A story makes it possible to arouse the interest of customers in this fast-paced, interconnected world and thus to receive attention. Emotional, strained, effective.

  • Corporate Identity
  • Corporate History
  • Communication strategy
Enthusiasm is the energy that boost people and drives companies/brands forward. Events bring companies, brands, products and customers together in a targeted manner. Emotionally captivating, convincing in terms of content and sustainably motivating. Together we convey your message - extraordinary and unique.

  • Meetings
  • Company celebrations
  • Company Incentives
  • Product/ brand launch

  • More information

04. Training offers

Training of employees
The corporate design, the values of a brand can be as good as it may be - if it is not consistently lived internally, it loses its effect. Puro Design involves all decision-makers in the development processes right from the start, because everyone should identify himself with the brand and implement the philosophy in everydays working life.
Brand development
You want to take your brand to the next level? We are happy to help you! Where are you today, where do you want to go? Even if our tasks are limited or our project is completed, we always rethink your brand to get further. Let's start asking questions and finding answers.

  • Brand/product consultancy
  • Target group analysis
  • Guidance
The quality of our work is important to us - here we are quite accurate. You could almost say that our "Monk" in us prefers to allow one more round so that everyone is satisfied.

  • Process and production monitoring
  • Print accompanying

Industry competence

Gastronomy & Hotel

With an excellent expertise in gastronomy and the hotel industry and the unrestricted belief in the strength of brand and design, we accompany you as an experienced analyst and strategy consultant, as an ambitious partner and as a companion, who is full of ideas. For you and your guests!


Commerce & Service providers

Puro Design combines a deep understanding of retailers and service providers with experience in gastronomy and the hotel industry. We have a comprehensive knowledge of what demanding customers expect and how they want to be treated and accompanied. The communication is tailored to you and your company. That supports you in the process of realization.